Ours is an era of self-indulgence.

And that self is one alienated from the moral and social framework that informed the lives of our parents and grandparents and whose roots in a rich political, philosophical and religious history, stretch back thousands of years. What’s more, this penchant for self-indulgence is accelerating exponentially such that young people who are but 10 years apart in age are a generation apart in their tastes and concerns.

What is most alarming is the extent to which the media and consumer-saturated culture in which we young people live and breathe, bombards us with messages that refute the central importance of personal integrity. Instead, it encourages nihilistic deviance. As a result, an attitude of cynicism has come to replace consistent principles as our basis for dealing with the world and interpreting life.

But not for all of us.  

Jade may be green, and “jaded” may be dark, but here at Cynicism Watch, we are of another more realistic shade of green, that of hope ! And we want to talk about it.


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