Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (English)

                Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, President of Spain since 2004, is the great contemporary cynic. Perhaps the World Champion of cynicism.

                Before the Spanish people, he presented himself as a man of peace, ready for dialogue and far removed from any radicalism. Hidden behind his agreeable smile, however, his true motivations lay already in wait.

                As Zapatero’s party, the P.S.O.E. (the Spanish Socialist Worker’s party,) never had at its disposal the majority in the Spanish parliament that would allow him to govern without allying himself with other political forces, he sought the support of the most radically Leftist entities in the parliament: the Izquierda Unida (the ex-communist party) and the Esquerra Republicana de Cataluyna, (a party seeking the independence of the region of Catalonia.)

                Zapatero´s modus operandi at every instance is based upon a calculation of how such and such action will gain him votes. In this way, he lacks a true political agenda in the long run, which, on the other hand, he substitutes with a politics whose sole goal is to buy power at any price. In consequence, he consistently puts into practice short-term legislation whose profitability in electoral terms is quick and easy.

                To placate the Feminist movement he created a new, more permissive abortion law; to gain the allegiance of the influential Gay movement, he legalized same-sex marriage, equal in legitimacy to traditional marriage.

                From the beginning, not surprisingly, Zapatero’s presumed readiness for dialogue, turned out to be purely fictional. Once in power, the first measure he took, without having any consensus whatsoever, was to withdraw Spanish troops from the international coalition occupying Iraq. And this, without prior notification. Such a withdrawal, won him the antagonism of the U.S. government during the Bush administration but the applause of Europe’s Left and of leftist culture’s most radical sectors, for whom any and all things in Europe that would suppose a kick in the Yankee ass, is praised.

                Obviously, the support of the Left in areas such as national budget proposals or certain reforms had, as a secondary effect, the radicalization of Zapatero’s own philosophy. Hence, the adoption of children by same-sex partners, education “reforms,” a disorganized, open-door policy in immigration matters, and the Ley de Memoria Histórica (the Law of Historical Remembrance,) a revisionist and fashionable law approved by Congress in 2007 under Zapatero.

                In regards to the Law of Historical Remembrance, it is positively unforgivable that the president of a country should pit its own citizens against each other as Zapatero has done by reopening old Civil War wounds. This, by ignoring the victims of one side (for example, the thousands assassinated for being Catholic in Madrid or Barcelona in 1936) while glorifying the opposition.

                It is also unacceptable that it should be the President of a nation to allow the level of education to fall below European norms, as Zapatero has also done and as has been verified by regularly published statistics. Even graver still is his unwavering intent to indoctrinate the Spanish people in a new secular morality that, though it may pleasing to those that freely choice it, is hardly respectable when rooted in the indoctrination of the populace from childhood on. To this end, Rodriguez Zapatero has imposed the implementation of a new subject called “Education for Citizenship” in the schools. A new class that, far from honoring its name, should more accurately be called “Education to Free-Masonary,” as it is from this order that many of the principles he intends to impose in the youngest members of society, derive. Incidentally, the Vatican strictly prohibits Catholic membership in this order.

                Zapatero attempts to make ordinary what is radical, and if necessary, by endless repetition—and he does not lack means to do so. And everything, with a smile that less and less people have come to believe… Nonetheless, the Left and the media powers close to it, very much in the majority in Spain, enthusiastically applaud each one of the reforms mentioned above which Zapatero has initiated.

                This is the current state of affairs: the Spanish economy has 4 million unemployed, public funds are wrecked as a consequence of excessive spending to pay the subsidies that allow Zapatero to continue receiving votes from those who benefit from them…and yet, Rodriguez Zapatero, in the middle of this whirlpool of bad statistics that would embarrass any other leader, tries to pass off—without anyone taking much notice—a new abortion law that would allow Spanish girls to abort from the age of sixteen on, without their parent’s knowledge. The same girls not legally old enough to buy cigarettes or go on school fieldtrips without their parent´s permission. De jamais vu.

                Thus, is the Spanish President’s little game: reforming laws without the citizenry´s notice in these “favorable” times since those who have not yet lost their jobs are too busy trying to conserve them, to worry much about anything more.

                Generally, people think that Zapatero launches polemical laws in order to deviate public attention from the obvious fact that his management of the economic crisis is dreadful. However, the truth is far worse. Since Zapatero is constantly looking for votes, this radical plan has formally become his own. It is a plan that would subvert the traditional values of the Spanish people in favor of new, presumably European-izing ones, that would position Spaniards at Europe’s avant-garde in questions of liberty and civil rights, evidently forgetting that the first right of an individual, an unalienable right, is the liberty to be able to choice in matters of personal belief without any government imposing a morality—and much less upon five and six year olds as the following song does. From the Andalusian regional government’s web page on infancy ( run by Zapatero’s party. Translated from the Spanish:


Daddies and mommies, grandfathers and grandmothers

however your family may be, congratulations!

Sisters and brothers we help each other

and among us we respect ourselves.

They help us see what is good and bad

and together we discover what happiness is.

Being a good person is what is important

to move on with the truth before us.


All families are different

made up of few or many persons.

They always give us love and tenderness

caring for and educating the girls and the boys.

With a mommy and a daddy or only a mommy

with daddy and mommy or only a daddy.

With two mommies and with two daddies

in all the families they will love you just the same. (BIS)

                Apparently, Spanish children can sleep easy now, the president of their country watches over them and his political party tells them in which system of value they must believe: one in which political correctness and the lack of critical thinking dominate.

© Carlos Llanza Ortiz and Alejandra Fabris


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