The “Void”

The “Void” Poster Children: writers in the vein of Guy de MaupassantJean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett et al.

Who are they?

Artists who used their wit and sensibility–often brilliantly–to articulate the shape of the void they believed exists in the center of all of us. Having sucumbed whole-heartedly to the temptation of despair, they endeavoured  intellectually to seduce as many people as possible into the same suicidal madness in which they lived.

 Like vectors of an existential disease, these writers dedicated their careers to spreading allegiance to apathy and the instrumentalization of themselves and others in the name of pure self-interest.

While once the focus of attention of a cultural elite, the love of the void has now reached almost all corners of our society. This is the chic perfume of cynicism.

The price?

Sanity and ultimately, your Life.


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