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What “Impact on the Culture” ?

If Madonna was Doctor Frankenstein, this would be her monster.

Lady Gaga.

Excerpt from Wikipedia’s “Lady Gaga:”

Musically, Gaga is inspired by glam rockers such as David Bowie and Queen as well as pop singers such as Michael Jackson and Madonna. She is also inspired by fashion, which she claims is an essential component to her songwriting and performances. She is also very supportive of the gay community, crediting them for her early mainstream success.

Lady Gaga’s heart is made of stone. Her soft mannerisms in the following  BBC breakfast clip contrast with the terse, obscene answers she gives in other interviews. Stylish? She is the sort of sociopath that thinks pornography is art.


and she writes her own songs…Really??

See “Beautiful Dirty Rich.” Please note: the video has been seen over 13.5 million times.

…Lady Gaga eats dollar bills.

What would Dante have said?


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